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Orb Ultralight

Simple ULTRA™ Waist Bag

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This is the most simple waist bag I make.

Designed to be worn in conjunction with a backpack, it allows quick access to essential items such as snacks, head-torch, phone, emergency beacon etc.

Also useful for side trips if you only need to take a little bit of gear with you.

The waist bag is reasonably weather resistant but I would recommend placing any moisture sensitive equipment inside a Ziploc bag for added protection.



Available in  ULTRA™ 200 or ULTRA™ 400

#3 YKK Aquaguard zip for access

Taped seams for water resistance

12 mm nylon waist strap, maximum girth 140 cm (can be cut down on request)

Dimensions: (W) 20 cm X (H) 11 cm X (D) 5.5 cm

Approximate volume: 1.22 L

Weight: ULTRA™ 200 41g, ULTRA ™400 44g



A note about  approximate volume.

Measurements are as exact as I can make them but volume is generally understated. Volume is calculated using the products dimensions and a volume calculator. Approximate volume does not take into account that fabric items bulge when stuffed full, therefore "real world" volume will be slightly larger.

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