About Orb Ultralight

Orb Ultralight is a small Sydney based cottage gear manufacturer owned and operated by me, Peter Wrigley.

A bit of background.......

Orb ultralight came about almost accidentally.

It all started a few years ago,  when I was in the process of replacing my ancient hiking gear with more modern, lighter weight equipment. Almost all of this gear was purchased from US based 'cottage' manufacturers.

During this process it occurred to me that I could potentially make a lot of this equipment myself so I borrowed a sewing machine (thanks Mum) and purchased some fancy, technical fabric.

At first I just made gear for personal use and for friends. Then I was approached by people who had heard through the grapevine about my home made gear and wanted to try out my locally made equipment.

Fast forward a few years and Orb Ultralight was born.

Why Orb Ultralight? I wanted a name with an Australian vibe and I love spiders, particularly orb spiders.

Orb Ultralight is a one person operation.  Every Orb Ultralight product is sewn by me, in my home, an actual cottage.

I truly enjoy making UL equipment and greatly appreciate the ultralight community's  continued support.

If you have any questions please shoot me an email or DM me on Instagram, I'm always happy to chat.