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Orb Ultralight

Dyneema® (DCF) Snap Closure Dry Bags

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These Snap Closure Dry Bags come in a variety of sizes to give full protection from moisture and rain whilst hiking.

I don't recommend fully submerging them in water. Much heavier rubberised dry bags are recommended for that application. In my opinion, this is true of all DCF dry bags. They will definitely provide reasonable protection if you fall into a lake/river but not for swimming all day.

I prefer snap closures to clips as it affords a better seal and saves a tiny amount of weight. if you would prefer clips, get in touch before placing an order and I can make one up for you.

Made from seam taped  grey 1 Oz DCF and the closure is stiffened on both sides with CT 1000. All sizes have a boxed base.

Available in five sizes for various applications.

All volumes and measurements are with the top rolled three times and clipped shut.


Extra Small

Perfect for storing sensitive electronics such as phones, batteries, chargers and cables.

Dimensions: 18 cm X 9 cm X 3 cm.

Weight: 10 g.

Approximate Volume: .5 L.



A good size for keeping a down puffy dry.

Dimensions: 23  cm X  14 cm X 6 cm.

Weight: 15 g.

Approximate Volume: 2 L.



This size is good for compact sleeping bags or spare clothing.

Dimensions: 29 cm X 17 cm X 7 cm.

Weight: 18 g.

Approximate Volume: 3.5 L.



A good size for sleeping bags/quilts or clothes. 

Dimensions: 34 cm X 19 cm X 10 cm.

Weight: 22 g.

Approximate Volume: 6.5 L.


Long Skinny

This size is designed to be used outside your pack. It will fit in a UL packs side pocket and is great for carrying excess stuff that wont fit inside your pack at the start of a walk and garbage towards the end of a walk.. Also a good option for carrying a wet shelter. obviously not great for bush bashing.

Dimensions: 44 cm X 15 cm X 6 cm.

Weight: 19 g.

Approximate Volume: 4 L


A note about  approximate volume.

Measurements are as exact as I can make them but volume is generally understated. Volume is calculated using the products dimensions and a volume calculator. Approximate volume does not take into account that fabric items bulge when stuffed full, therefore "real world" volume will be slightly larger.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Scott Chery
Really well made stuff!

Got the medium size to use as a ditty bag for hikes and I'm impressed by how light it is and how professionally made it is. Pete also made it with buckle clips instead of button snap clips as requested by email.

Beyond impressed

I'm not normally one to write reviews, but the quality and service from Orb warrants it. Really high quality goods, great customer service and locally made. Thanks.

Small snap closure dry bag

Such amazing quality, perfectly sized and carefully made for the longevity of their product. Couldn't recommend more then I already do 10/10.

Excellent for shelter in GG Mariposa quiver

Purchased this long skinny DCF dry bag to contain my 2p (OG) or 1p (solid) Durston Xmid tent in the quiver of my GG Mariposa. Each fit and there is also room for my groundsheet with the 1p.
Top notch quality and craftsmanship. This is my third purchase from Peter. He’s a rockstar.