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Orb Ultralight

Dyneema® (DCF) Zip Closure Food Bags

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These food bags are a little different from most. They feature a water resistant zip closure instead of Velcro or snaps.

At a slight weight penalty over our standard food bags (8g in the medium size), they offer the ability to be used without rolling the top down to close the bag. This means the food bag has the ability to carry more food (approximately 25% more) as you don't have to roll the top down three times to seal it which is handy at the start of a trip. The zip makes the food bags much easier to open and close.

The second image shows three bags in different states of closure. This is the same size food bag pictured zipped shut, zipped and clipped and rolled.

Dimensions quoted are with the top rolled three times as per the standard food bags. 

Volumes are listed as rolled and unrolled. Unrolled means zipped shut and clipped without rolling. Rolled constitutes the top rolled three times and clipped shut.

I have included a suggested trip length for each size but individual food requirements vary enormously. If you like to take a lot of food go for the size up.

Available in three sizes, blue or white. Orange in medium only.

Constructed from 1.43 oz DCF

#3 YKK Aquaguard zip with 2 sliders

Seam taped


Suggested trip length is 1 - 2 nights

 (H) 20 cm X (W) 26 cm X (D) 10 cm

Weight: 32g

Approximate volume : 5.2 L rolled, 6.8 L unrolled


Suggested trip length is 1 - 4  nights

(H) 22 cm X (W) 28 cm X (D) 13 cm

Weight: 37g

Approximate volume: 7 L rolled, 10 L unrolled


Suggested trip length is up to a week or more

(H) 29cm X (W) 28 cm X (D) 15 cm

Weight: 44 g

Approximate volume: 12.5 L rolled, 15.7 L unrolled


A note about  approximate volume.

Measurements are as exact as I can make them but volume is generally understated. Volume is calculated using the products dimensions and a volume calculator. Approximate volume does not take into account that fabric items bulge when stuffed full, therefore "real world" volume will be slightly larger.


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Mary Loveless
Well designed and constructed pouches

I recently received a selection of Dyneema pouches, although these have yet to be used in the field, communication with Pete was prompt and queries fully answered. Notification when an out of stock item would be available was much aprreciated. The pouches appear to be well designed and constructed and the different sizes and shapes fit for purpose. I was pleasantly surprised how light and robust the fabric was, an important criteria when weight is critical on a long distance tramp.

Larissa Barrows
Great gear/ great service

Yeah we can all jump online and order anything from anywhere. But having something made in our own backyard by people who care and give you great service has some kind of magic that comes with us on the trail. I really wanted something pink and squeezed through a special request. Thank you!

Hugh Marslen
Dynema galore !

Super high quality products that are practical and useful. Ordering and shipping was fast and smooth, can’t ask for much more.


Super well made and thought out product. Roll top and zip lets you compress and adjust size depending on load.
Great stufd

Super well made

Great to see when a company cares about their products. Super well made and they have thought how to improve something even as simple as a food bag!