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Orb Ultralight

1 Oz Dyneema® (DCF) Stuff Sacks

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Available in three sizes and two colours, these ultralight stuff sacks are great for organising clothing, sleeping gear etc. They have a square base so they can stand up and the Orb logo acts as a handy pull tab on the base.

Apart from the hole where the drawstring is, they are completely waterproof.

Material is seam taped 1 oz DCF.

Note that these are semi transparent, the colour of the contents will show through the material.

Dimensions and volume listed are with the drawstring closed.


A good size for a small puffy jacket or compact sleeping mat.

Dimensions: (H) 22 cm X (W) 11 cm X (D) 7 cm

Weight: 8 g

Approximate volume: 1.7L



A good size for clothes or compact sleeping bag.

Dimensions: (H) 24 cm X (W) 13 cm X (D) 9 cm

Weight: 10 g

Approximate volume: 2.8 L



A good size for a bigger sleeping bag than the medium or for clothes storage.

Dimensions: (H) 28 cm X (W) 16 cm X (D) 11 cm

Weight: 13 g

Approximate volume: 4.9 L


A note about  approximate volume.

Measurements are as exact as I can make them but volume is generally understated. Volume is calculated using the products dimensions and a volume calculator. Approximate volume does not take into account that fabric items bulge when stuffed full, therefore "real world" volume will be slightly larger.

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Cam P
Top Quality

Loved all the bags and the wallet, quality is fantastic and the service was great. Will be getting more in the future!