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Orb Ultralight

Other Bits and Bobs

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Want to grab an extra accessory or two? 

UL zip pulls? 

Titanium split ring?

Some ULTRA TNT™ PSA tape to seam seal your DCF/ULTRA diy projects? Also great for DCF repairs. Does not work on other fabrics.

An extra sticker?  A sticker comes free with every order but if you want some more....



UL zip pull:

Total length is 6 cm, cord length is 4.5 cm, approximate weight is 0.25 g


Titanium split ring

Outer diameter is 3 cm, inner diameter is 2.5 cm, approximate weight is 1.8 g



Sold by the metre, 3cm wide. Good for seam sealing/repairing DCF/ULTRA. Does not work well on other fabrics.



Its a sticker, with a spider on it . Impress your friends. Diameter 7.5 cm

Note that every order comes with one free sticker. Select these if you want any additional stickers.